Government and Politics students and Pre-Professional Law students have had the opportunity to observe and analyse cases at the Burnley Crown Court.

Students who are studying Government and Politics embarked recently on a trip to Burnley Crown Court. The trip was part of the students’ Judiciary and Civil Liberties unit; and it allowed them a chance to see real-life law cases in a real-life court.

The College’s Pre-Professional Law (“Pre-Law”) students also attended the trip. Pre-Law is one of a range of Pre-Professional Programmes offered by Nelson and Colne College Sixth Form, which aim to help dedicated young people to achieve their dream careers.

Whilst at the Burnley Crown Court the students were able to witness legal cases, which they later analysed in a follow-up seminar upon their return to the College.

Greg Mott, one of the students who attended the Court visit said, “The opportunity to view a number of cases provided real insight into the work of judges and the complexities of the legal justice system.  It was a superb opportunity to see the theory I have studied applied in real life!”