Students studying Health and Social Care at Nelson and Colne College Sixth Form will benefit from the course’s brand new career curriculum, including the opportunity to join the Health Cadets – run in conjunction with East Lancashire trust.

This year, Vocational subjects at Nelson and Colne College are experiencing exciting new changes! The majority of Vocational courses now have career pathways for students to choose from, meaning that students can select the modules that are most relevant for the career they wish to pursue.

Health and Social Care at the College is undergoing exciting development, with pathways offered are Level 3 Nursing, Midwifery and Health Professions, and Level 3 Social Care and Service Professions. These pathways were created to help students achieve their desired careers in health care and social care.

The career curriculum is designed to give students a full and rounded programme of study to prepare them for the world of work. Students of Health and Social Care at the College will be able to undertake project work with Safe Space, engage in fundraising and volunteering, support themselves and their fellow students through a peer mentoring scheme, gain professional qualifications in First Aid, attend conferences led by the likes of the University of Bradford and the University of Central Lancashire, and even to work with the hospital inspectorate team! Students can also act as Peer Mentors, which looks fantastic on their CV and university applications!

In addition, the College is excited to be offering students the chance to join the Health Cadets, run in association with East Lancashire Trust. This 2 year course is run alongside the career curriculum and allows participants to gain extensive work experience within the NHS in diverse roles such as nursing, radiography, speech and language therapy and physiotherapy.

If you are interested in a career in Health and Social Care or would like more information about the Health Cadets, please contact Nelson and Colne College’s Admissions team on 01282 440272.