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Why choose Nelson and Colne College for your Apprenticeship?

  • Our Apprenticeship success rates are amongst the best in the UK, we are the top college in the country for our 16-18 apprenticeship success, and second in the country for overall apprenticeship provision.
  • We work with many top employers from across East Lancashire who are seeking their company’s next star including East Lancashire Healthcare Trust, Hycrome (Europe) Ltd and Marsden Building Society.
  • Our apprentices are given the very best guidance and support throughout their Apprenticeship programme to help them to achieve their ambitions.
  • If you’re not quite ready for an Apprenticeship, we will work with you to offer individualised advice, guidance and support, industry specific qualifications and an opportunity to complete certain key skills essential for employment
  • We have an extremely high success rate for our Apprentices being kept on into full-time employment – some of our learners now even run their own businesses and take on their own Apprentices!

Accountancy Apprenticeship

Accounting is a highly skilled profession, with accounting staff working at many different levels within an organisation. You could work in companies ranging from local practices to international accountancy firms!


Beauty Therapy Apprenticeship

Beauty Therapy can be a glamorous career choice and with further training you might become a make-up artist for film and TV, or help develop new products. If you are friendly and a good listener, this could be the perfect route for you…


Business Administration Apprenticeship

97% of employers say that effective administration is essential to their business. By doing a Business Administration Apprenticeship you will need a strong sense of responsibility, accuracy and attention to detail.


Catering Apprenticeship

Chefs are needed in every food establishment, from local pubs to silver service Michelin Star restaurants. Major employers in this field include hotels, pubs, restaurants, hospitals, schools and the armed forces. Get ready for a career in Catering!


Childcare/Teaching Assistant Apprenticeship

Learning support staff play a vital role in today’s classrooms by making sure students get the most out of their lessons. A Childcare/Teaching Assistant Apprenticeship is ideal for anybody wanting to play a part in a child’s education and wellbeing.


Contact Centre Operations Apprenticeship

Contact centre apprentices could work for a number of businesses across a range of sectors.To enter this profession you will need excellent customer care skills, and a friendly and confident manner over the phone.


Customer Service Apprenticeship

Good customer service is key to the success of any business or organisation. This is a perfect route if you are a sociable and outgoing person who would enjoy interacting with members of the public every day.


Engineering Apprenticeship

Everything, from aeroplanes to buildings, comes back to engineering. With more than 480,000 people employed in this sector, now is a great time to take up an Engineering Apprenticeship with NCC!


Hairdressing and Barbering Apprenticeship

If you are creative, an excellent communicator, and like to help people feel and look their best, an Apprenticeship in Hairdressing and Barbering could be for you!


Health and Social Care Apprenticeship

The care sector is vast – you could be working in the NHS, the private sector, local authorities or the voluntary sectors. If you want to help improve people’s lives then this apprenticeship could help you achieve your dream career!


Hospitality Apprenticeship

The hospitality trade is one of the biggest employment sectors. Whether you want to stay local or travel the world, there are endless opportunities by becoming a part of this exciting and fast-paced industry!


Information Technology Apprenticeship

All businesses rely on effective and well managed Information and Communication Technology. This Apprenticeship will give you the skills to succeed.


Leisure and Sport Apprenticeship

This Apprenticeship is all about the operational roles that are vital to maintain facilities for leisure and sport. Employers in this sector include fitness and leisure centres, spas, and hotels and accommodation facilities.


Manufacturing Apprenticeship

Manufacturing is one of the largest industries out there – nearly everything we use, eat, drink, or travel in has been manufactured.  As an Apprentice, you could focus on either the engineering or manufacturing aspect of production.


Marketing and Social Media Apprenticeship

Marketing is the foundation of business activity and essential to commercial success. By working in this sector you can help organisations connect with their target audiences and promote brands, products and messages.


Retail Apprenticeship

The retail sector is the UK’s largest private sector employer with 2.9 million employees. With a young workforce, the UK’s retail sector is vibrant and offers many opportunities for early career progression.


Sales Apprenticeship

Supply chains play a crucial role in most industries, from clothing and automotive to pharmaceuticals and construction. If you have great communication skills and an upbeat personality, a Sales Apprenticeship could be for you…

Team Leader and Management

Team Leader and Management Apprenticeship

Effective leadership and management is vital to the success of all businesses. This Apprenticeship is catered to those moving into or already working as a Team Leader, Supervisor or Manager.

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