All Apprenticeships will require you to have a current CV.

Your CV is your personal brochure. It gives you a chance to show off all the attributes that make you the perfect choice for employers! Here are some tips to help your CV stand out…

1. Tailor your CV to your audience
This will enable the employer to see that you’ve taken the time to provide examples of how you best meet the vacancy criteria from the skills you already have.

2. Show what makes you unique
Provide examples and don’t be afraid to explain how you think you would help enhance the team.

3. Keep it error free
It’s easy to make mistakes on your CV but difficult to repair the damage once an employer gets it! Always check for spellings and grammar
mistakes before you press submit on your application!

4. Tell the truth
Always tell the truth about your skills and experience. If you don’t, you will be caught out at some point!

5. Keep it concise
If your CV is too long, the potential employer will more than likely switch off. Most employers simply skim read a CV for the relevant information they need.

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