If you are thinking of an Apprenticeship, you will need an up-to-date CV. You will want your CV to stand out from the crowd and for employers to get a good first impressions of you. Here are some tips for developing your CV…

1. Tailor your CV to your audience
Make the effort to tailor your CV to suit the requirements of the position that you are applying for.

2. Show what makes you unique
Make your CV stand out above the rest! What skills do you have that make you the best candidate?

3. Keep it error free
It is easy to make mistakes on your CV but difficult to repair the damage once an employer gets it! Always check for spellings.

4. Tell the truth
Always tell the truth about your skills and experience. If you don’t, you will be caught out at some point!

5. Keep it concise
Your CV should ideally be no longer than two pages of A4 detailing about your skills, qualities, education and any previous work experience.

Download our Top Tips for your CV leaflet.