If your son/daughter has not already achieved at least a Grade 4 in both GCSE Maths and English Language or a Level 2 qualification, they will study these qualifications as part of their course.


This is a mandatory requirement of their study programme and cannot be opted out of. Many University courses and careers require a GCSE pass in both Maths and English and failure to achieve these qualifications may restrict your son/daughter’s career options. All students are encouraged to achieve a pass in both these subjects before leaving College.

Where your son/daughter already has a Grade D they will be enrolled onto the GCSE course. If they have a lower grade they will be enrolled onto an appropriate qualification, such as Functional Skills.

If your son/daughter has Maths/English as part of their study programme, we welcome your support in encouraging them to attend all the classes and work hard to achieve their qualification. In addition we will be running workshops to provide extra support to help them to achieve these important qualifications. Details of the workshops will be given to them in their tutorial sessions.