On this page you will find some of the more important policies in place at Nelson and Colne College, which ensure that all staff, students and visitors are treated fairly and remain safe at all times.

Assessment Policy Statement

Assessment Policy Statement

Child Protection Policy

Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults Policy and Procedures – October 2018

Equality and Diversity

Single Equality Scheme 2015-17

Equality and Diversity Action Plan 2015

SEN Local Offer Document

Equality Statistics

Gender pay gap report – 2018

Financial Statements

Financial Statements 2018

Financial Statements 2017 

College Bursary Funds Policy



Freedom of Information

Freedom of Information Policy

Higher Education

Access and Participation Plan

Student Protection Plan

Complaints Procedure

Higher Education Refund and  Compensation Policy

OfS Transparency Data

Subcontracting Policy

Subcontractor Fees and Charges Policy 2018-19

Subcontractor Fees and Charges Policy 2019-20

Trade Union Facility Time

Trade Union Facility Time Report

Privacy Notices

Privacy Notice for Visitors

Privacy Notice for Complaints and Feedback


Health and Wellbeing Policy

Health and Safety Policy

Student Disciplinary Policy

Student Drug and Alcohol Policy

Student Behaviour Policy

Bullying and Harassment Policy

Whistle Blowing Procedure

Data Protection Policy

Personal Care Policy

Complaints Policy

Internal Quality Assurance Policy for Non Accredited Provision

Internal Verification Policy

External Speaker Guest Policy

Admissions Policy

Visitor Policy

Fee Policy 2018-19

Fee Policy 2019-20

Subject Access Request Procedure

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