TUE - 02/11/2021
13:30 to 15:30
12 week course
20+ Places Remaining
Course Overview

This programme is aimed to support learners wishing to work or volunteer in an advice role, in a range of areas from careers guidance or pastoral support in schools or colleges, to supporting clients in areas such as drug or alcohol rehabilitation services; with family or confidence issues and clients who require domestic abuse support. The focus is on determining the Clients requirements and ensuring relevant signposting or referral to other agencies. The course will culminate in an observed IAG meeting to demonstrate skills learned on the course and ability to conduct a meeting in a supportive manner.

What will I learn?

Unit 1 - Information, Advice or Guidance (IAG) in Practice
Understand the difference between information, advice or guidance; Explore ways of meeting client requirements; Identify the boundaries of your role; Consider Accurate record keeping
Unit 2 - IAG – Context
Explore the needs of specific groups of clients; Exploring choices and options with clients; Enabling clients to challenge discriminatory behaviour and practice; Consider the range of barriers preventing clients from accessing services
Unit 3 - Skills for Advice providers
Understand the role of social policy in advice work; Explore the purpose and process of client interviews; Identify how to support a client to plan and take action; Explore ways to negotiate effectively; Determine how to use information resources to meet needs
Unit 4 - Developing Interaction Skills for IAG
Understand how to interact with clients; Determine the importance of effective communication; Explore how own values, beliefs and attitudes may affect interaction; Consider confidentiality and impartiality; Outline action plans
Unit 5 - Signposting and Referral
Understand when it is appropriate to signpost or refer; Distinguish the difference between signposting and referral; Demonstrate good practice when referring; Gain awareness of monitoring and evaluation.

How will the course be assessed?

Through online independent study tasks accessed by our virtual learning environment (VLE).
Online (Zoom or Teams) teaching sessions.
2 – 3 hours study per week for a period of 12 weeks.

Materials and other information

For further information about this course or the mentoring qualifications please contact admin@lal.ac.uk or phone 0300 003 1717.

Progression and Careers

Feedback from your tutor and peer discussions, observation of mentoring meeting with feedback.

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