Student ID Cards

The College operates a student and staff identity card system as part of our commitment to provide a safe, secure and welcoming environment in which to study. Ensuring that all our students and staff are readily identifiable helps us to maintain such an environment.

Your son/daughter will have been issued with their free student smart ID card and they are expected to wear it visibly at all times when on College premises. Please support us by encouraging your son/daughter to bring their card with them every day.

The student card is also used as a cashless smart card. This allows them to purchase items in college from the catering outlets and learning resource centre without the need to carry cash. The smart cards are operated though Upay and can be topped up via the app or online through Students will need to register their account online and they can choose to top up themselves or as a parent you can top up their account using the Guest Pay service on the UPAY website. For more information view our UPAY leaflet by clicking here

If they lose their card, students will be expected to replace it at a cost of up to £4.


We strive to create an adult learning environment, which means we expect all our students to behave in a responsible and reasonable way at all times. Treating people and the College with courtesy and respect is an expectation and we find that the College has a friendly and safe atmosphere.

Bullying of any kind is a form of abuse and will not be tolerated at NCC. If it does occur, students are urged to inform a member of staff immediately. All incidents will be dealt with promptly and effectively. If you are concerned that your son/daughter is being bullied please contact their personal tutor, course leader, or the Safeguarding and Welfare team as soon as possible.