As an A Level student at Nelson and Colne College, we offer personalised support to help you achieve your goals. As such, your study programme is tailored around your career aim and will consist of the following…

Core Subjects (3 A Levels) – Some students may study 4 subjects, where appropriate.

Career Aim

EPQ (Extended Project Qualification)



Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)
Alongside your academic studies, you will complete a research project called an EPQ. This will be an independently created essay on a subject of your choice. The EPQ can be a dissertation, a field study, a product, or planning of an activity. The project is designed to equip you with that ‘little bit more’ required by universities and allows you to explore new subjects and areas of interest outside of your main subject choices.

The EPQ also carries UCAS points, strengthens applications and is valued by universities and employers alike. Where appropriate for specific
career choices and degree applications, some students may take on alternative projects to the EPQ, such as;

  • Creative and Digital: An enterprise qualification to build business skills for self-employment and learn how to promote yourself as a practising artist or designer
  • Sport: Students may participate in a Sport Academy
  • Business, Science or Humanities: Core Maths qualifications

and more!

Personal Skills
To help you secure the best place at university and develop the skills that employers and universities are looking for, as well as support your own health and wellbeing, we encourage you to take part in a wide range of extracurricular activities. This skills development is designed to help you stand out from the crowd, build confidence and independence, as well as gain new hobbies and interests. Your skills development should be career-focused and linked to your future goals.

For example, you may wish to improve your leadership skills, volunteer for a good cause, or develop skills for public speaking.

Opportunities may include;

  • Becoming a Student Ambassador: Supporting events, representing your college in local schools and talking to new students
  • Becoming a Reading Mentor: Supporting pupils in local primary schools to develop their reading skills
  • Self-awareness Sessions: Including relaxation, building resilience, stress management and money matters
  • Career Skills: Including First Aid, A&E Cadets and employability skills
  • Life Skills: Including cookery and Modern Foreign Languages
  • The Duke of Edinburgh’s Gold Award: Team building, leadership and orienteering skills
  • Volunteering: Including charity fundraising, the Talk English teaching project and Pick Up For Pendle – a community support project
  • Creative Skills: Including Gaming and Art Workshops
  • The Student Hub: Representing your student community and campaigning on topics affecting students

We also offer a range of Pre-Professional Programmes which you can take alongside your A Level studies to help you stand out from the crowd with university applications. Click to find out more.