Personal Tutor and Target Setting

Our tutorial system is designed to inspire and guide you during your time at College. Regular sessions with your personal tutor will ensure that you are on track with all your lessons and coursework, and that you are coping with the workload and achieving your potential. You will also work with your personal tutor to set targets for your time at College, based on your GCSE results. We will encourage you to aim high, but we will also give you all the support you need to achieve your goals.


If you feel the pressure at any point during your studies, we can provide you with a mentor. A mentor is there for you to speak to at any time. They can offer advice and guidance on anything which may be demotivating you. Mentors are usually staff within the College – either teaching staff or support staff, who will use their own professional expertise to help you get back on track.

Revision and workshops

If you decide to take A Levels, it goes without saying that exam preparation and revision is extremely important. Our tutors offer a large number of workshops and revision sessions which are aimed at helping you to prepare for your exams and achieve the best grades. Vocational students also benefit from additional workshops which will ensure that you achieve the very best grades for your assignments.



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